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  1. Electrician just told me skutt not wired into fuse thank goodness but the power cord to Cress is not rated for a 30a fuse and would melt before a fuse that big would trip. He will come look. Maybe it needs a hefty cord. I’d be happy to get this kiln to go to cone 04 and for low fire glazes, and to do luster and decal that was the main purpose. Just thought why not push it cone 5 in test but Cone 5 not a necessity
  2. @Bill Kielbthe electrician I think did do that so that 20a fuse needs to be a 30a. I hope the Skutt isn’t wired into that fuse cause it would blow it for sure. I contacted they electrician that did it and they will be here maybe tomorrow
  3. Ahhh that little glass fuse says 20a on it. I honestly don’t remember/ know if they added that little fuse thing or if it was there since I had my skutt wired up. I’ll find out if this electrician put it in that little fuse would need to be at least 60a to handle the skutt or on 30a fuse for the Cress and the skutt a 60a fuse since there are two fuse slots
  4. Ok either way this is how it feels but must push little knob in from off to get any movement. From off it clicks then moves freely. I should feel heat relatively quickly. And before I did but now no. Do I need the electrician or a kiln repair tech?
  5. @neilestrickhmmm interesting that it only lights when the cycle on. Now this may sound dumb...but...from the off position I assume you turn the black plastic knob toward low to high. To turn it off does it go high back to low then off or can you go from high continuing to turn left beyond high to off. How would I know true off position. Here is a pic in off I only have one black plastic knob currently the electrician broke my other one
  6. @neilestrick it share a 60amp breaker with the skutt but only one kiln is fired at a time. Had my skutt wired with new breaker in 2019 and the skutt has power. The woman I purchased it from says it is rated cone 6. That would be rare that I would use it at that cone but I figured to test it I would see if it would reach temp. When I push the plunger it does stay in then I turn the dials I can hear them click once but no illumination to the little knobs and no heat to elements
  7. This is what the wiring looks like. Far left is the skutt power cord, smaller flat grey cord is the Cress. Of course both kilns cannot be fired simultaneously.
  8. @Callie Beller Dieselyeah I meant I lifted hammer put it under claw and pushed plunger the lights did not come on. I even put a new bar in this am and nada. I checked the wire panel...the electrician direct wired it like the skutt rather than keeping the plug.
  9. I am new to using manual kiln sitter kilns. Recently I purchased from the original owner a Cress B-1411 built in 1980 it is 115v 20 amps. She said she purchased it new and only fired it twice. I had it wired into the same 60amp circuit as my 240V Skutt knowing that I could only fire on kiln at a time. I started a test fire a couple days ago but had to end it as I ran out of time all elements were glowing. Today I placed a new cone 5 bar in the sitter put it on low 2hr, everything was good...then medium 2hr.... still good then turned it up to high my hope was it take an additional 4 hrs t
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