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  1. Thank you so much,@Min. I had assumed it's just the initial part of firing that is important so it's very interesting to hear what you say about the 700-900c range. I will follow your advice next bisque.
  2. PeterH, you are indeed observant! I didn't really notice but there are fine pinholes in the glaze. They don't go through to the clay.
  3. My bisque schedule is 60c per hour to 600c then 100c per hour to 1000c.
  4. They are smooth and glazed over. They seem to be in the glaze.
  5. Hello, I am a novice and very happy to find this excellent forum! Please can I ask for some advice: I am trying to get to a kind of majolica using stoneware clay. I used a toasted clay, glazed white using a commercial tin based dipping glaze, then decorated using a stain and glaze mixture. I fired to 1200c. The result is fine, bar little white dots coming through the blue. These are not exactly unsightly but seem kind of annoying. I got the same result when I changed the blue to Amaco brush on cobalt glaze. So if it's not the blue causing the white dots, is it my gla
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