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  1. Has anyone tried using wool in foil saggars? I have some collected from fences - would the lanolin create an interesting effect?
  2. Hi folks! I'm new to firing my own kiln pottery but am keen to have a go at raku and wood firing - I'm using different clay bodies and especially interested in using paper clay. I've recently bought some round kiln shelves for a gas raku kiln, I also bought some batt wash I read that it is advisable to fire new kiln shelves before painting with batt wash but I cannot find at what temperature My tutor at college said she doesn't know as she never uses batt wash in her home kiln! - However, I am going to be experimenting with using various additions to local salty clay so, I think it wise to protect the shelves Does anyone have advice regarding this/ Perhaps I just need to fire them for a short while to ensure they are thoroughly dry
  3. I'm keen to try burnishing paper clay for Raku firing at around 1852 f I have some pieces that I have made using paper clay that I have made from local clay collected from a nearby beach that has quite a bit of salt in it - I have two batches, one that I have rinsed , dried and re-constituted and the other from raw clay that has not been rinsed I've noticed that when I scrape the surface of the pieces, there is a shine that is begging to come forth! - I might just continue-on with burnishing with a pebble I collected from the same beach to see if the surface comes up to shine but I've been looking at making Terra Sigillata and wondering whether it would be best to use the same paper clay in the mix or if it might work to use an earthenware clay in the recipe better? Has anyone tried working an earthenware clay slip / glaze effect into a paper clay body? Many thanks
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