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  1. The Olympic Kiln that I decided I would get needs 15 amps so I plan to use a 20 amp breaker with an outlet that is close to the outside of the house and is rarely used.
  2. Hi again! I was wondering if I could use a long 5-15p extension cord for the kiln? I’m not sure if that affects the firing in any way!
  3. Yes! I am aware that anything else that is turned on or plugged in at the part of the house where I choose to fire will affect the kiln firing and it’s elements, so I am definitely going to think deeply about the exact breaker and area that I am going to use for it, thank you for clarifying for me!
  4. Thank you so much! I also checked and saw that it had a regular 5-15 plug instead of 6-20 plug, which is awesome! I’ll look more into this model, it may definitely be fit for my needs Again, thank you so much, you’re a life saver!
  5. Yeah, I was planning to use my regular household outlets but I did have a feeling that they only had 120V in them! In that case, I’ll get the Olympic Test Kiln until I can get a new line for the L&L Fuego Kiln. I believe the Olympic has a NEMA 5-20 plug? So, I’ll just have to replace my receptacle with a 20 amp 5-20 receptacle. Is there a way for you to refer me to the link to find the exact one I need for it, please? Thank you so much for your amazing help!
  6. Hi everyone, I’m planning on getting my first kiln in the future and have been looking deeply into many 240 Volt 1 Phase kilns that are able to operate on a 20 amp breaker. Something to note, I will be doing Cone 06 Bisque fire & Cone 6 Glaze fire. My house consists of only 4, 20 amp breakers as it is really small and old. Each breaker controls some lights and outlets from each part of the house (not sure if it’s the same with every house, I’m still sort of new with breakers). So, my first choice was the L&L Doll/Test Kiln because although it will most likely be too small, it has
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