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  1. Thanks for even more terrific ideas to consider, which I will. Plan to spend the afternoon making bowls for testing out suggested centering, trimming and drying methods. I’ve also realized that I did not have this problem during warmer months when my studio is open to the outside and the heater is off. Question for Mea: when you drape your pieces with fabric, what type of ware board or surface are they on? Are they turned over on their rims?
  2. Yes. Definitely happening on larger, wide bottom bowls. I had been struggling with winter drying issues and cracking that I remedied by drying pieces on their rims. I realize now that my heated studio tends to be dry and it does get a blast of sun all morning. I am going to explore the process of turning the pieces more often and will actively pay tons of attention to the drying process. Will get some plaster bats, and sharpen my trimming tools. Everyone’s suggestions were wonderful. This problem has been keeping me up nights, so THANK YOU so much!.
  3. I am an experienced potter but I’m having a consistent and nagging problem when I trim my pots. When I throw, I work on a very flat Masonite bat attached with bat pins to my wheel head. My pieces are completely centered and always feel level and completely round. When I trim, the levelness goes totally wonky. This has been happening for the past couple months. I feel like the pot has a large lump on one side and I can’t get an even foot ring or maintain smooth trimming. I usually trim on a foam bat. I have used new, well wedged clay without air pockets. I have leveled my wheel. What are some
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