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  1. Thank you so much. I will try all methods and see which one has the best results and is also most efficient. Well. At least i have options. Quite a few actually. Never would i have thought of this method, for example. i very much appreciate it. I will come back to share the results. Thanks a bunch!
  2. I was thinking of an aerograph, to be honest. But hoped it wouldn’t be necessary. Well, i guess i will make a test to see how it goes with the current brushing solution and make a decision after i see the results. But even if it comes out ok, it will take ages to finish all the project. I have about 5-600 pieces. Thanks for the advice. It might be tge solution i was searching for. Much appreciated! Thanks a lot!!!
  3. Hello! I attached an image, hope it helps. the ones without holes are the tricky ones. Since there would be no glaze on the bottom, i was planning to fire them normally, on the shelf?
  4. Exactly. I am trying to figure out a method to glaze only the top and laterals, so that the bottom doesn’t come near the glaze. I actually experimented with a pair of brushes, it is a slow, laborious work, but i am willing to do it. I catch one part of the piece, glaze the other, wait until it dries and then catch drom the dried part and glaze the rest. However, i feel that the glaze turns out uneven, hope it evens out in the firing process. Or to find a better method. For now, i have a clear, unglazed bottom, which i wanted, but an uneven top
  5. I also have some with holes, i found those much easier to work with. As you said, the hole helped with the grip. The ones without holes are giving me a pain.
  6. Thank you so, so much! I will definatelly try snd come back with an update xoxo.
  7. Hello, and thank you in advance for any advice. I am gaving some issues with glazing small items. ( little earrings, studs ) Tried brushing, but because i don’t have a good grip i must do one side, leave it to dry and then fill the part where i held it, and usually turns out an uneven coat. I also tried pouring glaze over the pieces, but it gathers at the base and changes the item entirely. And also tried glazing only the top part, but sincerely, i really want the laterals done also. It is my first time glazing and don’t know if the texture remains the
  8. Hello and thank you in advance for any of you that might be able to give me an advice. I am looking for a solution to transport overglazed items ( luster, to be precise ). I have already found a method for raw ( sawdust ) and another for the glazed items ( cornstarch spray ). I am wondering if the cornstarch spray method would work also with the lusters or is there any reaction between the substances that would not recomend this method. Or perhaps you have used other methods and something worked. I very much thank you!
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