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  1. Thank you! I know Nerikomi but not neriage. I am having a look and it seems just what I am after.
  2. Hi! I would like to explore new techniques of decorating with clay, instead of glaze, handbuilding and for surfaces/slabs. I attach a photo to give you an idea. do you have experience with these techniques? How to achieve the circle in the slab for exemple? many thanks, Valeria
  3. I have a kiln god! Yes, I am guessing a short power outage. It just completed a glaze cycle without any problems
  4. Hi, thank you for your answer, it’s a Rohde ecotop. It has a controller with only two program I set. I started it again this morning and now it’s getting hotter. 730 C
  5. Thank you! That’s really useful information I will follow your suggestion and make some tests
  6. Hello, I started the glaze firing yesterday at 7pm, this morning I went to check and the controller -to my surprise- stated 9 C degrees. I check the pieces and they were visibly unfired. the kiln must have switched off?! What’s the possible cause for this? It’s a brand new kiln, I used it 5/6 times without any problems Thank you! Valeria
  7. Hi! I have been asked to decorate the surface of one of my hand-built moon vases with an effect similar to the picture of a painting I attached here. I work with stoneware, fire to cone 6/7 and mainly use glazes on bisque. here I am wondering what would work best: under glazes or slips? I find that underglaze bubbles when then coated with glaze.. and also having to find a matte transparent that doesn’t go milky isn’t very easy. This is a pickle for me: matte finish & painted surface. Any knowledge sharing would be greatly appreciated thank you Valeria
  8. I am wondering how to fire - in an electric kiln- burnished pots brushed with a porcelain/stoneware terra sigillata- or even just burnished! Is this possible? What temperature would you suggest to fire to? I’d like for them to be strong enough to be carried at markets and slightly shiny and smooth on the outside. Any knowledgeable advice and tips would be valued. Thank you V.
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