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  1. what's the best way to fit the wall fan into the window?
  2. BTW, is there a way to take some measurements of the air to check the effectiveness of the vent system? I've seen some SO2 measurement devices but they are quite expensive...
  3. @Bill Kielb I forgot to say that the top wall doesnt go outside, but to my neighbour's wall, so I don't think he will agree on that Can I just go through the room and send the pipe to the wall on the top-right? Also, the pipe has to go through the first window, can't make a hole there.. I know there's a lot of restrictions here... so anything I do will be suboptimal, I'm aware of that
  4. At least here in Spain we have what we call "forced airdraft" and "natural airdraft". Mine for example doesnt have any fan just a tube in a 20 degree angle. (Almost horizontal)
  5. Oh sure no rush. No worries. I cant thank enough all the help you all are giving to me.
  6. Sorry I dont fully understand. Could you draw a simple sketch maybe?
  7. Horizontal, crystal and aluminum frame. But these windows cannot be altered... May I know what you were thinking? @Bill Kielb
  8. They are simple sliding windows.
  9. @Bill Kielb the vent can indeed go out through the wall that goes outside. (But has to go through the window on window1)
  10. Do you mean the last segment that goes outside? Unfortunately I cannot make it go up from there. I thought it would be enough as water heater works exactly the same way for gas exhaust. When im back home I will do the sketch again..
  11. Sure. Window 2 leads to the outside with good air flow. @neilestrick @Bill Kielb
  12. OK so to be more specific : (| =W= | means pipe goes through window,) KILN ROOM (pipe goes up 1.25 m) | =W1= | SMALL ROOM (pipe goes up and crosses room (1.1m long 0.5m height) | =W2=| (Deflector) OUTSIDE The fan is placed in W1 facing W2, and both windows can be opened during firing. Total height is 1.75m, that's the best thing I can do. I can open the kiln room's door but the adjacent room doesn't have a fresh air intake either, so I'm not sure that will help... I could open all the doors until it reaches the next air intake but I'm afraid of doing that and fumes go
  13. OK, so after reading the discussion I think I will follow Nabertherm recommendations for the updraft hood, and to be extra safe install a fan in the window pointing outside, then I will open a window from the other side of the house to help air circulation. So I have some limitations for placing the fan, because there is a small room in between and the only place where I can install the fan is in the window in between, something like this: KILN ||| WINDOW1 ||| SMALL ROOM (<-- 1.1 meters --> || WINDOW2 So the fan can only be placed on window 1 but both windows can be open,
  14. @Bill Kielb so something like this? KILN ||| FAN --> WINDOW
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