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  1. The interior of the shed isn't insulated, it's just the 2x4s and outer sheathing, so there'd be 3.5 inches of air between the wooden exterior wall, and the cement board. I definitely plan to put spacers for the floor as well thank you for the reminders! Thank you, I've got to get in the shed and really take a good look. The roof is actually shingled just like a house would be, and there's a couple vents up high and a strange strip down the middle that I've yet to figure out. I'll definitely be adding in several powered fans, maybe one low one high, I'm looking to achieve a sort of cross breeze to draw air out of the shed. This area gets too much rain, and humidity to put it just outside even if it is under the roof, but the shed shows no signs of water damage thankfully so it should be safe there. I'll add the board for peace of mind since the shed's not exactly brand new, and I'll be able to give it as much clearance as I want, I'll probably give it a nice solid bubble around it to keep it from walls and things. And not to worry, the weather here with the rains, and humidity I'll be keeping it in the shed. Even though the shed is still bound to get more humid than an indoor temperature controlled room it's better than nothing. It at least doesn't seem to get wet from rains or anything like that.
  2. Thanks! Making a whole corner where the kiln would go sounds like an easy way for peace of mind against the heat and wood. And I planned something exactly like you'd mentioned, just sticking a fan in one wall, and with the other passive vents it should create a nice flow through there. There's already two 30 amp breakers in there, and wiring for some outlets, and a shop light, such a shame they went and cut the power to the shed but hopefully it shouldn't take too much to get everything connected once more. Thanks so much for the advice, hopefully I'll be back to the forum some time soon with good news haha
  3. The shed is wood, OSB ply. It's 15-20 years old in fair condition. No major issues, it mostly just shows age. It's 14x10 footprint. And the peak of the roof is 10 feet. It already has some built in ventilation, but I can easily add more. The floor is also plywood, but I've seen mentioned in other posts that if I can get it on a nice solid floor of a layer or two of stone or cement pavers I may be able to work around the floor issue. I do not need to be able to use the shed as a studio, it will largely still just be used for storage and I will do any of my working in the house, but of course the shed can't reach dangerous levels for the kiln or wood structure but so long as it doesn't reach dangerous temperatures, it doesn't matter if it's too uncomfortably warm to work in as we'd only be in and out for dropping off projects. I'm still in the research stage, but one of the kilns that was the top of the list was an Olympic 1818HE. I'm still not an expert on the electrical side of things but this is the information from the listing. There's a breaker box in the shed, it's just not connected to the house anymore, the wires were cut when the house was last sold. The breakers in the house that seem to lead to the shed is a 60amp. Voltage 240 Watts 5,040 Amps 21 So sorry it's so long since you referenced this post last, I'm known to be incredibly impulsive so I've been actively trying to slow myself down when it comes to such a costly decision
  4. Hi again I'm in the research stage of wanting to get a kiln. The original owners of the house we recently moved to actually had a kiln in a large shed out in the yard. It would only take a simple update of wires to get everything up properly. Only I expect it to get extremely hot here in the summer in Florida. I can put fans, and leave the doors open for some good ventilation but I just want to be sure it'll be safe before I make the plans. It's strongly preferred to have the kiln at an outdoor location not attached to the house because of our parrot's sensitive lungs that can't be trusted even with a vent system, getting the kiln to be able to safely fire out in the shed in the summer is likely to be a strong deciding factor on if we'll be able to get a kiln or not. The shed isn't insulated (which I can do if need be) but it is moisture proof but I've heard about just how much kilns heat up a room and that the kiln reaching specific external temperatures is not safe.
  5. Hi all, I've been wanting to get a kiln for several years now and we're finally in a house where I might be able to do that but I still have a lot of things to consider. For the size, price, and temperature requirements I'm looking for, the Olympic 1818HE seems to be a good match only I'm finding it impossible to find reviews on any brands to know if it'll be good or not. I'm not looking for the top of the line, but of course don't want something that's not going to last either or is known to be something that'll break down when you look at it wrong. I'll be mostly firing to 4 or 6.
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