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  1. The only pug mill I saw online is something that outputs large tubes of clay. Is that what you're talking about? I think I'm good everyone. This was very helpful. Big thanks to all of you. Stay well.
  2. I see that the tables sold have a short side for where the clay goes in. Would it make it easier to feed the clay through the second time if the two sides were equal?
  3. Wow. Thanks for the detail. Very generous of you. Sounds like multiple passes are actually a good thing, resulting in a more reliable shape in the end. Maybe there's a lower end Bailey I should get her? She's only making a piece here and there, so she doesn't need speed, but she does need good quality.
  4. I'm shopping for a slab roller for my daughter and I'm wondering if I should get her a Bailey that can flatten a lot of clay in a single pass or a Shimpo that requires multiple passes. Do those multiple passes compromise the clay? Or is the single pass just a matter of convenience?
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