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  1. Hi there. I have bought this glaze : https://www.potterycrafts.co.uk/Products/potterycrafts-stoneware-glazes/P2813 (firing range 1180 - 1250 degrees C). I have applied it to stoneware clay that I bisque fired at: I have been doing this for bisque: Section 1 - room -> 600 at 90 degree per hour Section 2: 600 - 1000 at 200 per hour Could anyone reccomend a firing schedule in degrees celcius per hour for me? I use an electric kiln. Will I need a soak or anything? Thank you, Lara
  2. Hi there. I recently glazed some items on white stoneware clay. The clay (White Stoneware PF560) was glazed fired after being bisqued at : room --> 600 degrees C at 100 deg/c per hour 600 -> 1230 at 150 deg/c per hour 20 min soak It came out really patchy and there are some air bubbles. If anyone could recommend good firing ramp for this glaze in degrees celcis with timing that would be great - thanks so much Terracolor orange Ember - https://www.scarva.com/en/gb/Terracolor-FS6031-Orange-Ember/m-1772.aspx was the glaze that didnt look very good! Clay was : https://www.bathpotters.co.uk/white-stoneware-pf560
  3. Hi there. I have two types of clay and I was wondering what the best firing schedule is for them for bisque? I have an electric Nabetherm kiln and I am making bowls/mugs. I don't really understand cones and so if possible, please explain using degrees C! Grogged Buff EarthenWare clay - Firing Temp.1000-1280deg.C Stoneware Special Fleck Clay - 1120∞c - 1280∞c Thank you !
  4. Hi there. I love these glazes that Seth Rogan does - does anyone have any idea how they could have been done?!
  5. @Rockhopper thanks so much for the advice on glazing - I will try and apply some thicker coats and maybe take some more detailed notes of exactly what I have done so that I know for sure what is happening (it is easy to lose track I find) @Bill Kielbthanks so much for the info on the firing schedule. I am not too familiar with glazing cones but that is really helpful. The Amaco glazes say fire to 'Amaco Potters Choice Glazes | 1200°C - 1240°C' - and so will it not be underfired if I go to 1186degress? (Sorry I am very unknowledgable)! Would it therefore make sense, based on the chart to do the following in the kiln for the Amaco glazes: Segement 1: room temp --> 600degC at 100 degree/C per hour Segment 2: 600 -->1086 degree at 150 degree per/hour Segement 3: 1086 --> 1186 at 60degreeC per /hour Segment 4: soak 20 mins I am slightly confused about what the difference in the higher/lower firing ramps in the initial segments produce. Below is the advice that I got from a pottery supplier: 80-100˚c to 600˚C then 100-150˚c to 1220 -1250 ˚c with a soak of 20 -30 minutes --> for example, what is the difference between going at 80degrees and 100 degrees in the first segement? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP - really appreciate it
  6. Hi there. Thank you SO much for all your help - I really appreciate it! The clay that I am using is White Stoneware PF560 (It fires 1120∞C - 1280∞C ). The firing that I did on bisqueware was using a Nabetherm Kiln: 1) room temp --> 600degreecelcius at 90 degree per/hour 2) 600 --> 1220degreecelcius at 130 degree per/hour 3) soak for 30 minutes For all glazes, I did 2 layers of one glaze followed by 2 more layers of another glaze and so 4 overall - they have all come out as quite whiteish. The colours that I did were: Iron Lustre (under) + Light Sepia (over) Iron Lustre (over) + Light Sepia (under) Blue Midnight( under) + Light Sepia(over) - I am quite happy with this result Do you think that the colours would be more pronounced at different temperatures? The outcome does not really look like it was intended to (I have attached the images of how it is meant to look)! I would love to know how I should adjust the firing schedule! Thanks so much for all your help
  7. Hi there, I have Amaco Potters Choice glazes and they say that they should be fired to cone 5/6. I am very new to pottery and was wondering what this means in terms of the firing schedule in my Nabetherm kiln. I have been trying to get the effects as shown on their website but they do not look very similar! What would the different outcomes of cone 5 and 6 be? Thanks so much and really appreciate any help, lara
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