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  1. @girlonfire, I received my kiln 2weeks ago. It took about 12 weeks. Fedex freight delivery was nice. I live in neighborhood where big truck is easily accessible and garage near the street. Delivery person lowered the pallets rolled over into my garage and helped me to open up the boxes to make sure all contents are intact. You can schedule delivery time and date once the shipment arrives to your local warehouse.
  2. The lid sat tighter with lesson tension bar. I moved it to the second hole for more tension and the gap was larger. Thess are the picture with more tension.
  3. I am so sorry to post my question in your post, @Pres!
  4. It seems like my spring rod is sitting on the bottom of oval. What’s odd is, my lid is not sitting straight on top. Is it normal?
  5. Thank you so much @neilestrick ! My latch won’t close and isn’t aligned...
  6. Congratulations on your new kiln! I also just got my L&L 28S easy fire. Did the test firing. I noticed after the test fire, my lid gap become so big. I reattached my lid after adjusting the metal plate and tension bar. even with all the adjustment, I cannot get the lid to sit right. It’s off balanced and won’t close. Did you have any issue with your lid?
  7. Thank you for all your suggestions! I ended up ordering from the ceramic shop. L&L easy fire 28S with control panel, quads elements and vent. I went with shop furniture kits instead of L&L. Lead time is about 12-14 weeks. Since I am in California, I expect it will be more 14-16 weeks. Will be posting lots of ‘help me!’ On kiln firings in near future. Thank you in advance for your guidance.
  8. Distributers wait until they have certain number of orders from customers hence the wait... guess not as many folks are getting l&l in California? my studio is in the garage so I was going to skip the kiln vent and instead add quad elements and digital controller. Is the vent must?
  9. Wow, thank you for all your suggestions! Good points! Really! You even answered my unmentioned questions about elements and controller. Thank you!
  10. Hi! I am new to this wonderful community! I am a beginner potter. Started pottery at local studio but due to covid, I purchased my own wheel and now I am dying to get a Kiln in my garage. After a long research, I decided on L&L easy fire 28M, 240, 1 phase and even installed outlet and breakers. However, live near LA and all distributors near me are telling me it will take about 4-6 MONTHS to get a kiln. One distributor suggested Cress kiln with 4weeks turnaround time. the best quote I received was from the ceramic shop so far ( l&l) what do you guys suggest for me?
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