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  1. Thank you both. In my defense, I am aware of what cones are and how they are used I'm just not aware of how the correspond to actual temperature readings. My kiln has a temp dial and doesn't read in cones. Sorry for the confusion. And you are quite right, we do need to get some reference and training materials. The kiln has a temp dial that goes to 2500*. I'm not sure the kiln will really get there since my car has a speedometer that goes to 180 and that won't happen. I guess let me rephrase my question; What was this kiln designed for? I am only vaguely aware of the differences in clays and firing temps and what is produced with them. Ideally I want a kiln that can "do anything". What is this kiln not capable of doing? (assuming it works as designed). I'm sure we will be looking at reference materials and 'how-to' books soon, I don't want to look at books on how to do things that this kiln is not capable of. Assuming this is designed to fire at cone 10, I assume the only way to be sure it to plug it in and check the temp. Are there other evaluations I need to make? Neil, it will be used in our garage shop. I am building a new detached workshop so this will go in the old area which is also garage. In that area I already have a welding area built, the garage is concrete floor and I have a 50 amp plug to use. It's not any issue to change plugs and breakers to make it fit
  2. Brand new member, first post. My wife has expressed and interest in getting a kiln and doing some hobby-type ceramic/pottery work. Trying to be a good husband, and with the holidays upon us, I decide to find her a kiln as a Christmas gift. Not a surprise to many here, I bought a kiln without really doing much research. My evaluation consisted of finding out what temp it said it was capable of and getting the highest temp available. Very much getting the cart before the horse, I bought a used Cress FE-25-A. The brick is all in good shape, no missing pieces, no large cracks, and they are still light colored. I'm not worried about the elements, that would be easy to replace. The previous owner said she was selling due to moving and everything worked fine. I gave $200 for the kiln, and 2 shelves. I'm wondering what I have bought. I cant find much info on the FE model. I assume it is an older. I have a couple of pics if this helps: https://imgur.com/PVMws3k https://imgur.com/gobQMHM I have already contacted Cress asking for information and a manual. I was hoping folks here might shed some light on what I have, what it would be good for, and what I can and can't do with it. FWIW, I feel like I have to say that I don"t mind doing some work on this if needed. Somewhere I saw something about rewiring an older kiln to use a PID controller, effectively giving it digital control and programmability. Not sure if that is a worthwhile modification, but it is definitely within my abilities. Thanks in advance
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