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  1. Thank you both!! Honestly I love tedious detailed work so it wouldn’t be annoying for me to sand and repaint, but the more I let it sit there the more I like it. It’s a gift for a friend who is into a certain type of color scheme and these colors just aren’t right, despite my previous test tiles. Unfortunately I don’t have my own kiln so I can’t yet control how it gets fired...someday! Thank you both again, I think I may just leave it as it is and hope my friend likes it. I’ll likely do a test someday where I sand down the clear glaze and repaint and refire just fer kicks!
  2. Hello! This is my first time asking a question here, I hope I’m doing it right! I decorated a mug with underglazes and then applied two thin layers of brush-on clear glaze. I believe my piece was over fired as the colors came out way darker than my test tiles. I’m really not liking this piece and was wondering if I could salvage it instead of trashing it. Could I sand down the clear glaze, repaint the underglazes and fire again? I was thinking of firing to cone 04 instead of mid ranging it to 6 again. Thank you for any help!!
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