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  1. I have two Ransome B4 burners which have not been used for years as I work mostly in wood fueled kilns. I was interested in selling them but they are rather rusty, surface rust, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a couple inexpensive burners which need a little TLC. I'd hate them to go into the scrap metal heap because they still work, the valves and they can be cleaned easily enough. Please reply or contact me if you are interested. I have another propane burner set of two smaller burners with valves, gauges and sensors i will in all likelihood be selling later next year if I decide I won't need them. Thanks

    1. Min


      Hi Will, it would be better to post your burners in the Community Marketplace rather than here in Status Updates. Link to it here.

    2. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I sent you a PM

  2. Thanks much for the link! I hate to toss out what might be perfectly usable materials.
  3. Years ago I bought out a small studio. The artist was a porcelain potter and I am a wood fired sculptor type, so I use the bricks and other materials but not the tubs of white powders, probably frits used for glazes. Now the tubs are made of crap plastic and are falling apart so I was going to move the white substances into better containers, but now the labels of masking tape and markers have faded completely and fallen off so none of the powders are labeled. I was hoping there might be a series of simple tests to determine more or less what the powder actually is. Does anyone have an idea how one might identify unknown frits? I can figure out the properties of clay easily enough but as a sculptor I haven't done much with frits. Lately I've been making vessels, though, and glazing them so it seems like I might be able to use the mystery stuff if I can figure out what it is. Any ideas or comments? and yes, bottom line I toss the stuff into a landfill....
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