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  1. Thank you for getting back to me. I have thrown in rock salt (the kind you throw on the roads when its slippy) I could add table salt. My sagger was a cylinder shape and I had multiple tiles in there with straw, leaves, sawdust, newspaper - all dried properly. I think im going to try adding terra sig to my tiles/ pots. Do you have a good recipe?
  2. Hello - I am trying to use alternative firing techniques to create ceramic pieces which have a lot of colour on the surface. So far i have had to use oxides and under glaze powders to produce any colour (which is kind of cheating) I bisque fire my work before saggar firing it, but i don't apply any terra sigilatta to the surface. Is that what i am doing wrong? Currently all my results are black and grey smoke marks - which are nice but not what i'm aiming for... Any help would be appreciated! Thank you
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