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  1. Okay great. Thank you both for the detailed and prompt replies! My dad is also a potter and has a "special" glaze firing that is actually longer than the bisque - so I wasn't aware that bisque firings are actually typically longer. It's in ok shape. I got it from a friend who had replaced a few bricks and the top elements but the bottom will eventually need some work. However, I am interested in what the process would be to convert a kiln to a digital controller - do you by chance have any links on hand for a tutorial/instructions?? Thanks again - this has been very helpful and informative.
  2. Ok great. Thanks for the feedback! I am definitely planning to get a digital pyrometer. I'm used to larger electric kilns and understand the value of knowing what the rates of increase are. Would you recommend trying a similar schedule for a glaze firing? Should I be trying to fire back down since it's such a small kiln and will likely cool quickly?
  3. Hello! I just did a bisque firing with my Paragon A55B which has a manual kiln sitter. I fired to 06 in only 3 hours and 15 minutes following the suggested firing schedule from paragon. Which was as follows: 1 hour - Low, Top peephole out, lid vented 30 min - Medium, top peephole out, lid vented 30 min - High, top peephole out, lid vented Then just leave on high with peepholes in and lid closed. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to slow this cycle down a bit? Or do you think thats fine for a bisque? I imagine with more pots in it, it will slow it down a bit but its a small kiln and doesn't hold that much. Thanks!! Ariel
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