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  1. I decided to buy a kiln from @neilestrick. He has been very helpful to me since I joined this forum. He obviously knows what he's talking about and is generous with his time and expertise. He also gave me a very good price quote. No one here responded about the other two vendors I asked about so I don't have any additional feedback about them (good or bad). I decided it matters to buy a kiln from someone I "know" rather than a vendor whose customer service is unknown to me.
  2. I'm about to buy my first kiln. It's not a big one (I only have 50amp service available) but it's a big deal to me! I don't want to make a mistake or a bad decision on what I consider a big purchase. I've pretty much decided on an L&L E23S with 3" bricks and vent. It will come to almost $2800. I used to live near The Ceramic Shop in PA although I'm about 4 hours away now. I like a lot of their in house products. I'm also only about 75 minutes away from Sheffield Pottery in MA although I haven't been there yet. Both sell the L&L and the price is pretty close. Has anyone h
  3. I'm the OP and I'm grateful for all the comments. I'm really glad I asked your opinion, I've learned a lot. I've let the seller know that I'm backing out of the deal. I said that I was advised that the vent might fail which would cost me $400-$500 and if the wiring needs to be replaced it's another couple hundred. Also she should consider what she originally paid (I know she has the invoice) and lower the price to some percentage of that. If she came back with $800 I would probably buy it. At this point I'm looking to finance a new kiln instead of buying her old one. Thank you e
  4. Thank you Neil. You've given me everything I need to think about. At this point, since there is no record of the firings, I'm inclined to buy new. I'm looking at the same size kiln from L&L.
  5. Neil, Yes, I meant a Skutt 1018. I've included 2 pictures. I do know that it is the older envirovent with the motor directly under the kiln. I'll ask her the firing questions you suggested. Edit: I just heard back. It is a digital controller (Kilnmaster). She will have to make a guess on the number of firings since she lost her kiln notebook when she moved. She hasn't used it in a while and doesn't know how to assess the firing elements or how you would know how many firings they have left in them.
  6. Would you pay $2000 for a used kiln? I'm looking at a used Skutt 1810. It belongs to a friend of a friend (an experienced potter who I totally trust). She said it was not fired very much and was well cared for. It's in excellent condition. My friend thought $2000 is a fair offer since it has an envirovent and furniture. Brand new that setup would cost me $3000. I offered $2000 because of the excellent condition, but hadn't asked how old the kiln was when I made the offer. (I know ). Turns out it was bought new in 1998! I didn't realize it was 22 years old. I'm uncomfortable wi
  7. Denice, Thanks for the tip about the concrete board, I'll make sure it isn't the backer board with paper. The floor of the shed is wood. So I'm hoping 2 layers of concrete board will do since I don't want the expense, weight and height of 2" concrete blocks. The kiln will be on a stand with the vent coming out the bottom.
  8. I'm getting my first kiln. It's a lightly used Skutt 1018. It will go in a 10' x 12' unheated wooden shed. The kiln has a down vent that will vent to the outside through the wall. The shed has 2 windows and small gable vents, the walls are 7'. I plan to put cement board on the wood stud walls in the corner where the kiln will be and I'll place the kiln 18" from said walls. I have lots of questions: How high up should the cement board go on the walls, is 4' high enough? Should I also put cement board on the ceiling above? Are 2 layers of cement board on the floor good enough? Does th
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