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  1. Ended up being a CXC brought it home today. Serial number starts with 8946. I know there is a date code there just not sure which way to read it. It doesn’t have reverse. I tried to upload photos but it won’t let me. Trying again.
  2. oof! Thanks Fred! Well at least I am new..and now it will remain on in the correct position.
  3. **edited to correct my silly error.. Thanks Fred for sharing the knowledge***I am looking to buy a used Brent wheel and I have finally found one.. 5 hours away. Just under $500. I have a short window to respond with a yes or no. I can't seem to identify the model or age. The front does not have the typical Brent banner nor a place for it from what I can see. I have a video where I can hear what sounds like a loose bat pin. The model number is 2BB-00385. Any idea on age or model? Go for it?
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