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  1. I’m going home (live in kansas now) in a few days I will take some pics/vids of the harvest location. The ‘sand pit’ is a feature that’s been in the area for a long time. Not sure the geology there but there is a stream just yards away and the clay is in a 3-6” layer ‘vein’ in a grological structure of mostly a fine sand. Powdery white sand. Which I have added to the clay for some projects. I want to assume the clay was deposited by the stream as it twined through so maybe an alluvial clay? Primary clay seems unlikely in almost pure sand. Def some iron present in some spots there are worm/root
  2. Hi everyone. No education/classes on ceramicshere. I found a vein of clay near my home in Mississippi and have been playing around with making trinkets for years. What kind of clay would it probably be? It’s from a ‘sand pit’ near a creek in Noxubee County in MS. It’s white. There is a thick vein in the sand I can just break huge chunks off after digging under it. It has flecks of mica in it I think or fine sand particles that make it sparkle. I have only ever fired any in a garbage can surrounded by a junk fire. It turned black (I think from smoke) but still sparkled. Don’t think I got it fir
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