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  1. Hi Neil, could you please help me out with something? I am looking for new ware boards and batts and went to a local wood wholesaler. They suggested 3 different kinds of boards to me. I have no idea which one will be best, meaning good bottom drying and ability to wedge on but won't warp or splinter over time. Any idea about these? 1) Tricoya MDF FSC mix 70% 18 mm 2) Okoume multiplex 12 mm WBP komo 3) MDF board 18 mm V313. Many thanks!
  2. Thank you, I will ask. Good point.
  3. I am thinking of this too. Next week I'll go to a butcher nearby, they make their own sausage there and I'm sure they need to get their stainless steel equipment coated/repaired from time to time. I'm never buying another Shimpo pugmill again but I do agree that it will be worth it to get this fixed rather than buy a replacement upper barrel. Mark, have you ever heard of anyone complaining of air bubbles in their porcelain when using a PP pugmill or their porcelain becoming short after running it through a PP? I've heard of this and am wondering if it's a model specific problem or not.
  4. I know, I would do the same. I'd like to be able to stand behind my product. But Shimpo not... I am so disappointed in this company.
  5. I have yes. Both of the people in two different offices told me it's 7 years old so out of warranty. And again, mine is stainless steel.
  6. This is fine but mine is stainless steel.
  7. Mine is stainless steel, so it should not have corroded anyway. I agree that Shimpo's customer service is BS though.
  8. I can imagine. A lot of the people I know said that they never cleaned their pug mill. I think a good pug mill that is made of high quality stainless steel and that is sealed well should not have to be cleaned... I also use a high fire porcelain - PT010B from Imerys - Limoges porcelain. Did you say you have a Peter Pugger? I'm located in the Netherlands.
  9. I agree. But they don't, sadly. This model is not designed to be opened up that often either. Anyway. Never again a Shimpo pugmill. That's for sure. Now talking to Peter Pugger.
  10. Thanks, I did. They told me it's out of warranty (7 years old) so that I should just buy a new upper barrel... They also told me that I should not have left porcelain in the machine, that I should have opened and cleaned it between uses, ideally every 2-4 weeks.
  11. I would love to recover my investment and thank you for the offer to email Shimpo. I've talked to two people there and they both tell me to empty the machine and clean it often. As if I don't have enough on my plate, now I have to clean a pugmill every 2-4 weeks. I am truly disappointed in Shimpo and already in touch with Peter Pugger. They told me I will never have to clean a stainless steel PP because it's made to last 20-25 years, even without emptying. That's the kind of guarantee, service and reliability I'm looking for.
  12. Thanks. I already reached out to PP because I've heard from so many people here that their product is superior to Shimpo's. Waiting to hear back. I would never buy a Shimpo pugmill again. The product is faulty and their customer service is a waste of time.
  13. Thanks Bill. I will contact a metallurgy specialist at the technical university nearby and see what they suggest. I am leaning towards getting a Peter Pugger for hassle-free long term investment.
  14. Hi Claude, did you buy a Peter Pugger after all? I'm in Europe too and thinking of buying a PP pug mill, wanted to ask you about your experience. Also work with porcelain and need a good, strong, durable pug mill which will not need to be cleaned often, which will de-air my porcelain and not render it short either. Could you please let me know what you think of yours? Thanks, Ipek
  15. Thanks Mark. How long have you had your PP? And may I ask which model? Do you have to clean it often? Any issues so far?
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