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  1. hello! wow i haven’t been here in a while, forgot i posted this question! so it turns out I didn’t follow the instructions properly when I first tried using the underglazes - i painted straight onto bisque ware + tried glazing them without firing the underglazes pieces first. a bit silly of me but i’ve learnt since then :-) a while after they came out all weird + unglazed on the painted areas, i got round to refiring them with lots of clear glaze painted onto those areas + it seemed to work for the most part :-) hope that helps a bit! amber :-)
  2. I applied the recommended 3 coats of underglaze, but it does definitely seem to be soaking up the clear glaze. I dipped everything in a bucket of clearglaze, left for a few seconds and took them out - I actually was worried the glaze was too thick and would drip everywhere, but that definitely wasn't the case! Will try again and learn from my mistakes :-) Thanks for your reply! Amber :-)
  3. Both sound very probable, I painted quite a few layers of underglaze hoping for the colours to be as even and bright as possible. I'm very new to underglazing so wasn't entirely sure what problems to look out for until they came out the kiln! The glaze does seem to work over the underglaze in some cases, though still patchy, so it seems likely that it's an issue of the thickness of the layers of both. Thank-you very much for your advice - I definitely should have made test tiles before going all in but felt like a waste of a firing to only have a couple things in at once! Lesson learnt though :-) Amber :-)
  4. That's what I thought too - I was going to attempt painting some more glaze just on the areas where it hasn't taken and re-firing soon, as they're not usable at the mo so there's not much to lose! The pieces which had been painted and then bisque fired before glazing seem to have worked lots better than those that weren't, but there are still lots of patchy areas where the glaze hasn't taken. Think in the future I'll fire the painted pieces before glazing as a precautionary measure, and see if that does help. Thanks for your reply! Amber :-)
  5. 1. white/red plant pot - clear glaze only visible in patches around the pot, rough, bisque-like texture all over 2. spotty mug - clear glaze not adhered to majority of underglaze spots 3. large spots pink handle - underglaze cracked off in places, patchy clear glaze over underglazed sections 4. rim of blue/green mug - clear glaze fine over most of the mug, except for the rim where it is still a rough texture 5. spotty bowl - clear glaze not adhered to majority of underglazed areas
  6. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to glazing pottery, and have just unloaded a kiln full of pieces I had painted with underglaze, and applied a clear glaze over. Some pieces had been bisque fired with the underglaze already painted, and others were painted onto bisqueware, but all seem to have the same problem of the glaze avoiding areas where the underglaze is. In some places it has caused the underglaze to chip off, but mostly it's just all very rough feeling and patchy looking. There are a few pieces where the rough patches are a bit annoying but not too bad, but the majority have deemed the pieces unusable :-( I used the Amaco velvet underglazes, and a clear glaze from Scarva. The glaze required the kiln to be fired to a pretty high temperature - cone 1 at about 1137 celsius - so I'm wondering if this is the issue or if I've done something else wrong. I'm looking into finding a different lower firing clear glaze but am worried the same might happen again - and I would rather not attempt making my own glazes as I'm not experienced enough - so any recommendations would be much appreciated! I'll try to attach some photos to explain better what I'm talking about (might have to be in another post). Thanks! Amber :-)
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