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  1. Thanks everyone! I'm considering two avenues: firing a piece at cone 10 and hoping it doesn't puddle (@Sorcery, love the "smell of caution on the wind" lol) -- definitely a cookie for testing, and firing another at cone 5 and testing after with saucers as suggested by @Min. Neither of those kilns are mine, of course - both are commercial studio kilns, so I'll be sure to notify the staff. Thanks again for the welcome! I'll give an update once the tests are tested.
  2. Hello clay hive mind! I was happily making some planters and cups last week out of clay I'd marbled. I thought I'd used Laguna Speckled Buff and B-Mix (50/50), but no ... turns out it was Speckled Buff and Soldate. ugh - I'd grabbed the wrong bag. Is my bone dry greenware trash? Can I fire at Cone6 and get some use out of them? I'm thinking that the cups are NOT food safe (plus bonus: they likely won't hold hot liquid), but can I use them as planters? Some folks say that porous planters are best anyway ... (trying to find some silver lining here). I'd love to hear anyone else'
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