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  1. OK, Neil, I will look into this and discuss with my partners. I guess if the person "on duty" during the firing keels over dead we would have a problem (no one to shut off the kiln). Thank you for shining a light on this.
  2. Hello Neil - I understand your concerns and your points are well taken. However, we're in a very informal situation with our studio and it's not a business. We fire the kiln completely manually (monitoring conditions via digital pyrometer and witness cones) and at least one person is there at all times during a firing. The pilot flame, igniter bar and burner gas lines all are operated with manual valves so we're always able to shut it down if something goes awry. - Jerry P.S. I am amazed to see that you're in Grayslake, my home town. If I ever get back there I will look you up.
  3. Hi - Yes, we're up and running. We lit up the empty kiln and determined that the Barber-Colman controller was no longer reliable--it could shut down unpredictably. Since it controlled the gas flow we had to bypass it. We had a handyman cut the pipe and rejoin it so the controller is no longer in the loop. We now fire using witness cones and a digital pyrometer and the kiln operates just fine. Good luck.
  4. It's me again, I'm putting up an additional picture.
  5. Some partners and I are cleaning/rehabbing a small studio which was abandoned/closed for probably a long time. Among other things there is an updraft gas kiln built by West Coast Kiln Co. Plumbed for natural gas, fired many times, looks like about 48 cu ft and 10 burners. There is also a device attached to the side (brand: Barber Colman) that I think is a pyrometer and heat controller of some sort. Years ago I fired a Berman updraft gas kiln but it has been awhile and I am not familiar with the West Coast Kiln. I see some posts on this site from people who have WC kilns, so help! Can you give me a brief description of how to start it up: Is there an electric igniter which lights the pilot and then the pilot lights the burners? What's the sequence to follow in getting it lit and running? How to operate the Barber-Colman thingey? Also, any tips on overall firing schedule for Cone 6 and 10 would be appreciated. Thanks all!
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