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  1. Neil (or anyone wiring savvy) Hoping you can help me out on my wiring questions. I got new elements, crimps and some feeder wire because the existing wires were too short to connect to the crimp/element pigtails. I put everything back where it was attached before (when I tested the elements before replacement-so I know it worked) but now it does not work - no hum. The plug I have has 4 wires (red, black, green, white) If I understand the colors correctly, green is grounding, white neutral -neither attach to anything; black is a hot as is the red. Do both the black and red need to be
  2. So weird that the pics I embedded didn't show... The kiln is a single phase, 30 amp, 240 volt 4600 watts machine -should fire to 2250 F/cone 6. There is a black dial on the side of the kiln sitter but no markings to tell what it dials to. I DO want to have the capacity to fire to cone 6. The digital/computer kiln control/conversion would definitely add to the fix it costs...and make me more inclined to just look for a newer kiln. I'll paste a link to an online album of pics I took of the kiln interior-let me know if it works. https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.murphykeith/media_s
  3. So... I bought a used Skutt 181 manual kiln (manufactured in 1975 FYI) for $170 and I am now at a point where if not regretting the buy, I am considering whether putting in the repairs needed for it are worth the money, OR, if I should just cut my losses and look for a newer/better condition kiln. I'll list the conditions and potential repairs, and pictures if possible. So, to start, there was no power cord/plug so I had to buy one, not too much of a biggie-was able to find a proper plug/cord for $20. For the time being I can't afford the re-wiring for a new (240) outlet so I'll be usi
  4. Perfect. Yeah I was looking at the wiring diagram and have taken off the sitter cover-can see where the hots go. Where the wires connect to the crimp connectors (and not covered by the white) looks iffy to me-the porcelain plugs that the elements come from are looking kinda brown/old. Once I get the plug connected I'll check the functionality of the elements to see if they need to be replaced (my guess is they will). Good to know about being able to get a new wiring harness. About venting-suggestions on this? It is in the garage which also has a side door-was planing to keep both open
  5. IHello fellow newbies! see that I'm in good company with others who've picked up a 181. The odd thing with mine is it HAS no plug. Found and ordered the cord/plug combo...feeling more than a wee bit anxious about attaching it properly and whether any of the other wirings in the sitter need to/ can be replaced. Any advice on getting things going?
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