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  1. Hello, My very old Duncan kiln (The Teacher EA 820-2) is starting to burn out elements. I bought it used, & have replaced the 1st element about 2 months ago; now, a second one has burned out. Should I just keep replacing them as they burn out, or "bite the bullet" and replace them all? Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Yes, I'll try letting it dry, and also having more patience while brushing. Thanks.
  3. AKK... wiping this off is making more of a mess. I'm using the Aftosa Green Wax Resist and added Duncan EZ Stroke Cobalt Jet Black to it in 4:1. This was recommended to me by my supplier (New Mexico Clay). Thanks.
  4. Hello, I am quickly learning what wax resist does...and does not do. However, as I am still learning, I'm wondering if any of you reapply the wax resist if you inadvertently brush glaze over it? I want to redefine the black lines, which are the wax resist, but wonder if any of you have reworked it after all the glaze has been applied? I'm using WH8 rough clay (bisque fired to Cone 04) with Coyotye glazes to be fired to Cone 6. Thanks for your help! ~ Wendy
  5. My pieces (tiles) are quite large, so I would need a LOT of spit.
  6. Well, I decided that the best way to make the slip from the clay (WH8) I was using was to break it up into small pieces & whip it in my KitchenMaid mixer. WOW! That made some really creamy slip! Of course, my husband freaked when he saw what I was "making" for the studio.
  7. Hello! Can you make your own slip from the clay you are using? I am using WH8 (white stoneware, cone 6) to make sculptural tile slabs that need to be "glued" together. Can I make my own slip from the WH8, or should I buy commercially made slip? And if I should buy it, from where do I buy it? Thanks for you advice.
  8. Perfect! I like this idea better than the bleach. Thanks!
  9. I'm new to slab rolling, and have recently bought a used Bailey slab roller. The canvas has moldy spots on it. Is there a way to clean that, or should I just buy new canvas & replace the moldy one? Thanks for your help.
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