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  1. Can I low fire a 06 cone glaze and a bisque load in the same firing.  That would be to use the 06 cone bisque schedule to glaze a few pieces?


    1. oldlady


      i have done this kind of thing often.   the important thing is that the firing is going to 06,  therefore, anything that needs to go to 06 can be included.   you should expect to go slowly so impurities can be fired out of the raw clay being bisqued.

      BTW, this is a question that should be in the section of the forum devoted to glaze questions.   

  2. Can a variable speed pedal or lever be added to this motor/wheel. I have one and want to make this variable speed instead of 2 speed. Thanks!
  3. HI Bill, The controller is separate from the kiln. temp probe is on a wire that is inserted into the kiln for measuring temp and controlling the firing. Maybe this detail should have been added originally to clarify. The kiln is rated at higher temp than the controller can control for presently. Yes, I am trying to get information from paragon to adjust the program as it is not in the manual. I had hopes someone on this forum would know the programming method or would point me in the direction of the document that guides on this. Thanks!
  4. Thank you Neil and Bill, I have a DTC 600 with a Sentry 2.0 installed in it. Photo attached for clarity on the model. The manual says the 2000 maximum is a setting that is a factory adjustment. I agree, it seems that it should be easy to increase if ones kiln is able to fire at higher temperatures, but this method is not listed in the manual unfortunately.
  5. Thank you, My Kiln is listed to be run at cone 8 or 2300 degrees F. It is an Olympic liln and I will send the model number if you require this too. The timer has a maximum safety set at 2000 degrees f. I would like to adjust it to reach the listed 2300 degrees f for my kiln so I can use the timer. If I cannot have this adjusted, I don't think it will be useful to me. I will be using up to cone 5 and 6. Thank you, David
  6. HI, I purchased a used kiln that came with a Paragon DTC 600. I believe this is designed for glasswork. Can it be use for ceramics? I really hope it can and need some instructions for this please. Thank you.
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