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  1. Really wanted to glaze to Cone 6 with a slow cool
  2. Thanks much. Interested to see what it is.
  3. Will be leaning on a large pocket watch. It's a comment on my lack of time management. Other works at Diane cardill art on Facebook or @dianecardillart for Instagram.
  4. Yes. The crack is the same inside and out. I have read about success with high fire mend. Just hard to imagine getting all the way into that Crack. Not sure if I should dig out a bit before repairing or leave sides tight.
  5. Thank you will look up recipe. Planned a slow glaze anyway but will rebisque noatter what solution I decide. Yes it's hollow.
  6. HI, I have a really long hairline crack in a sculpture that just came out of bisque fire :/ The crack is from the base to the neck, goes all the way through but very thin. Been doing research regarding Bisque fix, Mend it and paper clay. Looking for advise on which is better for hairline as cannot assure product completely fills the middle. Really want to glaze this to cone 6 without it separating even if I have to rebisque.,
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