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  1. I want a challenge. I tend to be an intellectual masochist. And I definitely, DEFINITELY want to make it myself. The slip casting thing would make a really good compromise if I can’t do it up to my own standards. I can come up with an alibi with ease if I do other things while I’m out and about. She knows that I can’t lie directly, but can lie by omission. As long as I don’t do something stupid like open Snapchat while I’m there and therefore potentially give away my location, and as long as I’m not asked the wrong questions, I can get away with this. Maybe I could do some form
  2. Thank you so much for your reply. I know everything’s gonna be a huge struggle for me lol. It’s just that the handles seem to be the nastiest challenge from what I know. Mugs, no. And access to a kiln is something I haven’t figured out yet, though I have looked into it. I deeply appreciate your advice about the local ceramic studio. And I definitely didn’t think about the fact that I should not have glazes myself. If I had some glazes sitting around at home, I’d be screwed, as those would be a dead giveaway as to the fact that I’m working on this lol.
  3. Long story here. So, I had a dream involving these utterly and purposefully impractical “engagement mugs”. When I woke up, I did research and found that they did in fact exist, and they were made by a Greek artist known as “The Uncomfortable” on Facebook. I attached an image of a 3D render of said mugs from the artist’s page. Most of her work is just 3D renders, but these mugs were actually physically made by a friend of hers who is a potter, so the artist herself doesn’t know how they were made, other than that it was very difficult. So, I told my girlfriend about the mugs, and she
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