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  1. You are quite right, the waves are there by design, the lines you have marked red are the problem. I think Mark and Liam are correct thinking that my slip needs more deflocculant to get the viscosity right. The slip definitely hits the same spot all the time because I pour it through the funnel. Here's an image showing the whole plate, this one didn't have so much trouble with those lines.
  2. Okej, I was hoping that water would be enough since the specific gravity was a bit high to start with. I fill the mold with this funnel, and since the holes are rather small it fills slowly. The mold has been drying and today was the first day I used it, and it was really dry. In the image below there was a problem where the slip wouldn't flow from one hole to the other, so I had to fill it from both holes. That's why it has that "valley" in the middle. But it shows the lines that I am talking about clearer.
  3. Hi, what can be causing these lines in the slip casted piece? I bought the slip already mixed, but it wasn't newly made so it was rather thick. Measured the specific gravity to 1.82 and have been adding water to make it more fluid. Made some bowls in an open one piece mold and sometimes these lines showed, sometimes not. They were always on the outside, against the mold. Now I'm trying a two piece mold and added more water because I had trouble filling the whole mold. And now these lines are more accentuated. Anyone knows what they are called and why I get them?
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