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  1. Put the test tile on a plate, this glaze is going to be runny.
  2. I find that age makes a huge difference in the student ability to focus over 60 minutes. Freshmen very often cannot sit and work thoughtfully on a task for more than 50 minutes (boys in particular.) The same person who struggles as a freshman will return to the class as a senior and i will have to kick them out the door because they get deeply involved in the work. I train my students to clean up at an automatic 'magical clean up sound.' This help to prevent the dreaded 'clean up time creep': each day students will start cleaning up 1 minute earlier than the day before, eventuall
  3. Due to safety concerns, bleach has been banned in my district. That could change due to COVID.
  4. I teach 180 high school students Ceramics & Sculpture. We will likely start the year in a hybrid A&B format where we have half a class load on any one day, about 18 students. Based on local COVID levels we may switch between a normal 5 day schedule or a 100% online format. Here is my plan: Each student will have their own 6 foot wide work station and their own shelf in a cabinet somewhat near where they sit. Each station will have sanitation items, such as paper towels and disinfectant spray for students to use clean at the end of the class period. This
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