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  1. Food coloring in glazes By GEP, June 13, 2019 in Clay and Glaze Chemistry I add one color of food coloring to the 2nd coat of glaze to see what may have been missed; a 2nd food color, f a 3rd coat is needed. The food coloring burns off in firing
  2. Food Coloring in Glazes I add food coloring to the second "coat" of glaze to show what may have been missed; then if a 3rd coat is required a 2nd color of food coloring. The food coloring burns off in firing
  3. Gold on top of MOP underglaze By AmyBleas, September 12, 2019 in Clay and Glaze Chemistry
  4. What is a "tag?"

    Is there a "list" of tags and how/when to use?

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      @Zoie, if you want someone to know you have included them in a post then use the @ symbol then start typing out their username. A green rectangle will come up with the members name, include that in your post and they will get a brief popup next time they login saying you mentioned them in a post. (I tagged you in this so you should get the popup) No list of tags for the forum but you can add your own when you create a post. There is a guide to using the forum here if you need it. 

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