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  1. I just threw 3 pieces into the reclaim bucket today instead of firing them--so proud of myself! Thank you all for the advice and link to videos. I definitely need to toss more pots in the bucket.
  2. Hi Everyone! I've been working with clay for a few years now without much instruction aside from a couple of 8 week classes about 5 years ago (has it been that long??) and youtube videos. I'm working on a wheel mostly (some handbuilding occasionally), using mid-range clays/glazes, mostly functional work. I bought the wheel 2 years ago and I play with clay mostly on weekends. I have an old Duncan Teacher kiln that I got off Craiglist years ago, and I'm considering upgrading to a new electric kiln. This feels like a huge commitment. I love making pottery but I'm still new and have a LOT to
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