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  1. Hi Neil Thanks for getting back to me. The position of resistant points on the new Infinite switch put in from Paragon does not sit in the same positions as my old switch. I have 3 points where you can feel it click on. They would be 11o'clock, 12o'clock and 2o'clock. On the old switch it would be 12, 2 and 3 on the clock face. Through trials I have worked out that at say 11 o'clock it is cycling at 55% on with all elements on. At 12 o'clock (classed as off) it is on full high no cycling all elements on. At 1o'clock only the bottom 4 elements come on so I'm guessing it might be lo
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if any one can enlighten me on how the old Duncan kilns reached their cone 6 firings. If some body owned one would be great. These kilns just work with a sitter. I have owned this kiln for 12 years and have mostly fired earthenware cone 019 to cone 03 without a problem. In the past couple of years I have been wishing to fire to cone 6 due to some beautiful new clays coming out requiring cone 6 firing. I managed to reach cone 5/6 a couple of times in around 15 hrs before it blew out to more than 20 hrs. So I changed elements found a blown relay basic
  3. Hi Neil, Yes I do have one of those kilns with 8 elements. Did another firing yesterday on manual high setting after replacing the last part ,Infinite switch and capacitor. Have now replaced Relay switch, fixed Interval timer , Repeat Cycle timer and just for good measure I replaced the elements again after noticing the ohms were a little high on the new ones put in previously. All elements glow red. . Takes 6 to 7 hours to reach 1000 degrees Celcius. then it goes nowhere after that. The Kiln ran for 20 hrs until the timer turned it off. I just peeked into the top peep hole co
  4. Hi Bill Tried the full manual yesterday didn't make it past 1050 degrees celcius 21hours so there is definitely a power problem some ware. As I mentioned to Neil the main trouble started with replacing the elements. I could actually reach cone 6 with the old elements but it was taking a bit long. After replacement the firings became slower, then we found a burnt out part and on it goes , hasn't been up to speed since. I have one more part to replace then wiring . Thanks for the advice, hopefully we can track down the problem just process of elimination I guess.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I will be checking the power cord and all the other wiring next. The kiln is hard wired directly to the power board so no plugs to worry about. We have earth leakage safety switch as well so any electrical faults tend to trip the power. My trouble really started when I replaced the elements the firings became longer instead of the other way around. Then we found a burnt out part and it has been downhill since. Yesterday I tried a manual firing and didn't make it past 1050 degrees celcius. Any way will look at everything you've suggested wi
  6. Hi, I have owned a second hand Duncan EA 1020 studio plus kiln for around 12 years and have mostly been firing at the lower temps from cones 020 to 04. Cone 04 usually took around 6 hours. This kiln is an Automatic/Manual kin. 30amp. The Kiln is rated to fire to cone 8. It has a 20 hour timer. Element ohms have been tested and are slightly better than required Recently I wished to fire to cone 6. This has become a sticking point. I did a firing mid last year for cone 6, set the timer for 15 hours. The Kiln reached cone 4 almost 5. The next cone 6 firing was 20hours and
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