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  1. Our school is giving the option of personal plexiglass cubicle style dividers...
  2. This thread is getting interesting. Mcharles, thank you for your insight. Pres, pleased to meet you! I really think this is an important and pioneering subject for us. The great thing about the ceramics community is that it attracts all kinds of great people from all walks of life. Engineers, teachers, scientists, you name it. So with our varying backgrounds, we can tackle this thing (or any problem to solve) so we can keep ceramics going through any situation! there are many ways to heat things. so I guess the question is, in a fast paced school with a high turnover of stude
  3. Thank you, Min. I read it, and very informative. Seems like it died out (discussion) after April/May. Fears and worries were definitely warranted, now the reality is here. My principal asked the question we all were worried would be asked. I am also going to ask other forums this same question, as this could have some serious implications with ceramics education next year. There has got to be a viable option. Unfortunately an expensive one (uv lights, etc) will be terrible for my district, as we are in the hole financially and had to cut my bid orders in half. I am thankful I have
  4. Idea! I am bringing my meat thermometer to school tomorrow. I have a bailey mixer/pugmill. From friction, the clay gets pretty warm in the mixer if left in for what we view as too long (yes, it happens sometimes unintentionally haha). I wonder how hot the clay will get if in the mixer for 20 minutes? Stay tuned!
  5. Hi! I am a newbie here. I have been teaching ceramics in a classroom setting for 20+ years. This one is a first for me, and I am sure a first for many. I was approached by my principal with a very interesting question: Is there a way to sanitize clay to be sure covid-19 cannot reside in the slop/reclaim? I am unsure if this is the correct area to post this thread, please direct me to the correct forum subject area if not. Thanks! Jason Strickland
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