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  1. That was a dumber question than I realized. I’ll just replace the original hose on the burner with a pipe or a hose and fitting that will fit the regulator... This, I think (in case some other dummy overthinks this one day): https://www.amazon.com/Pressure-Adjustable-Regulator-Indicator-Stainless/dp/B07ZGHCR2M/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=propane+regulator+with+gauge&qid=1606445605&sr=8-4
  2. So I bought a weed burner from harbor freight to fire my small fiber kiln- similar to the one Simon Leach has used. It is supposed to screw directly into a tank, but I’d like to have a regulator to have some more control over the psi. I can’t figure out what adapter or regulator has an outlet that is the same size as the fitting on the tank that the burner is supposed to screw into. Anyone have suggestions, or should I just run it without a regulator as it’s intended to be used (only on weeds rather than pots... I know it’s not the best route, but I could manage $25 and not much more than that, so this is where I’m at for now). I’m wondering if leach used a regulator?
  3. Thanks folks! I’ll flip it up and dig in tomorrow morning.
  4. I hadn’t considered bearings as the culprit; I was thinking worn down brushes or something in the motor itself, but I’d guess the bearings are the cheaper fix, and I’d like to work my way up rather than paying for the motor to be refurbished or something but still having the same problems potentially.
  5. Has anyone ever taken their wheel motor to a small motor repair shop? I don’t figure it’s that much different than rebuilding an alternator, for example.
  6. No, both are used. Wheel one is about 10 years old but had never been used, as the person it was bought for passed away before even taking it out of the wrap. Wheel two appears to be older maybe? Based off the serial number and that there’s no UL mark on it, and it was used pretty often by the previous owner before he passed away last August- from what his son in law told me. They weren’t sure how long he had it. I'm concerned the Motor is going bad and the whining high pitch is a symptom, but that sort of thing isn’t my forte. I’ll definitely check the belts though- thanks!
  7. Hello again! So, my wife has started making pots with me since I bought my first Pacifica a few months ago, which has been great for our relationship, but clay dates aren’t as fun with one wheel. Introducing: second Pacifica GT 400! This new wheel has me worried. With the first one, at low speeds I can grab the wheel and it nearly rips my arm off, but the second one is relatively easy to stop. Also, the second one's motor makes a higher pitched whining sound. At first, I chalked it up to the fact that the two wheels have differently branded motors, but upon closer observations, they are the same just with different markings. If anyone could explain or maybe give suggestions for a fix, I’d greatly appreciate it. A quick video of the two wheels is below:
  8. Update: the noise went away with some use. Thanks everyone!
  9. Thanks everyone! I’m glad to have found such a responsive and helpful community. I was thinking I would have to drive the 3 plus hours and hope for the best with very little knowledge. I really appreciate your time!
  10. Thanks! This is my first pottery purchase (I’ve been handbuilding with local clay a few months), but I thought something along the lines of what you mentioned my he the case. Thanks again for the feedback!
  11. https://youtu.be/2pThMPEBmPw I hope someone can help. I am thinking of purchasing a Pacifica GT400 from some who bought the wheel roughly 10 years ago, but it was never used, as the person he purchased it for passed away; he’s been holding onto it ever since. overall, it appears to be pristine, but there is a knocking noise I’m concerned about that you can hear in the video linked above. I’m hoping it’s something common and an easy fix- maybe just from sitting unused so long? Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated!
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