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  1. Yes, you are right! I did forget to mention that, @Mark C., but I didn't forget to put it in my list to order! Thanks so much. Learning, learning.
  2. Okay, really good info. I have more questions/thoughts. First, are the thermocouples okay where they are? Not in the metal boxes. First pic below is of where they are, a closeup. @neilestrick Second, there are holes on the outside frame of the kiln on the right side for peep holes, i assume, but the actual drilled out peep holes are on the left side. Pic below. @Min Third, i started to take the metal boxes off because I really wanted to see if maybe the TCs were supposed to go behind them, but it doesn't come off easily, but that is why you cna see the front box is off in th
  3. Great information. Thanks so much, @neilestrick Neil and @Mark C. Mark. Regarding the TC, are the spacers for the TC or the Protection Tubes? I guess we should be able to figure that out once we receive all the bits. Regarding the stand for the kiln, is it best to have the kiln on the cement ground? Or we can add the cinder block. Which would be preferred? REALLY appreciate the information. Will get the order in so we can get this thing going again! Monica
  4. Greetings, I am a complete newbie to kilns. We purchased a used kiln and were able to run it once successfully with a small test load. When we tried for a second load we filled her up a little more, but only 3 shelves and a couple things on each shelf. We kept getting the Err5 - Error 5 code and we would stop and start and it would continue heating up, and then code again. This was on the heating up of the kiln, not the cooling off. With what we knew and a little research, we figured the thermocouples needed replacing. One of the 3 has a crack in the cover and you can tell they are quite old.
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