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  1. Nina no. Even amaco was not able to send me a manual.
  2. @Alexandro, I am definitely interested in selling it. I never did anything with the gearbox. I have the original motor but the new motor I bought is the one hooked up right now. Would you want both motors with it?
  3. I'm going to sell some take home ceramic boxes and found out that all art materials for children need a toxicology report in order to be legal. I buy dry materials and mix my own recipe, does anyone know if the toxicology of the materials is enough or if I need to get a new report on the clay body that I am using? Thanks for any input!
  4. Ohhh thats good to know. Ill get a lead test for sure and see. There are also these other vials in the tub. The Willoughby says overglaze but the skinny vials say Imported German Dresden. Any idea what the unfluxed stuff on the glass might be? Thanks!
  5. Sorry it took a bunch of changing settings in my phone to get the size small enough to upload
  6. I just found a bunch of little vials full of colorants at a garage sale. The adult children of the ceramic artist were selling these and didn't know what they were or how to use them. The vials are clearly colorants but I'm not sure if they are similar to Mason stains. Is anyone familiar with Maxfield Dresden studios out of Glendale CA? There is also 3 glass sheets with some dark substance on them. The box says Maxfield's unfluxed gold. They were cheap but I have no clue if I can use them or what to do with them. Any input is appreciated!
  7. Unfortunately Amaco has no schematics for the original gear box so I'm going in blind to figure it out. Hopefully it all goes alright!
  8. Mark, I was able to get a 1/3hp motor for about$150 and I used an industrial sewing machine pedal so that was only about $50 so depending on how much the gear box is I probably could have nearly paid for a new wheel because I paid $200 or $250. So at this point I might as well look for a new gear box and see what it costs. I just invested in a new Brent wheel because I'm going to start teaching one on one classes so hopefully I'll have two working wheels if I ever get the amaco one fixed.
  9. Mark, The original motor RPM is 1725/1140 and the new motor is 1075. Any idea on what kind of gear box I should order? Do I just do some simple math to figure out the proper ratio for a new gearbox? Thank you for the excellent advice too! I hadn't thought of that
  10. Hulk, Yes my original motor was AC. That wheel on eBay is the exact same wheel that I have but there's no way someone is going to pay $2000 for it. With my wheel I'm kind of at a loss, do I potentially destroy it by opening u other gear box and try to switch out some gears ( my dad would help and he has minimal knowledge about it but he was able to rewire a motor so he might be able to get it done) or do I deal with a super slow wheel or just fork up $1200 for a new one with a warranty? I am just unsure how to proceed.
  11. I purchased an old two speed amaco wheel a few years ago and both speeds were WAY too fast. we replaced the motor with a variable speed motor and attached a pedal, but since the new motor has fewer RPM the wheel head is now going way too slow to throw anything. Does anyone have a suggestion on changing a gear in the gearbox or am I kind of SOL and going to have to get another different variable speed motor with more RPM like the original motor. Also if anyone has a manual for this model or knows where I can get one, that would be helpful. Thanks a bunch!
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