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  1. Thanks for this suggestion! I'm using a clay with some grog, but not a lot, as I like to have a smoother finish and not one with bumps. I'll check and see if I can find something with a little more grog.
  2. You should try Lana Wilson "Magic water" it did miracles for me in any stage of green ware, even on bone dry. Since I found the recepie, I don't work with out it. You will not have to wait for month for your pots to dry. :-) Happy creations! One of the art studios in town sells magic water, but I wasn't sure what it was. Do you have a recipe for it? Thanks -- I have several things to try now!
  3. I have heard of paperclay, but also heard that there's some controversy about how it's made. Do you use toilet paper as the paper ingredient, then 1/2 dry clay and water until there's a paste? Thanks for the suggestion -- I'll definitely try it!
  4. I have been handbuilding for about 4 years now, and just love it. As I've started making more and more complicated pieces, I'm running into the problem of multiple layers of overlapping clay not sticking together and/or cracking. I use slip made with the same clay, score deeply all parts that will be touching, apply the slip everwhere the pieces will touch, and firmly press things together for several seconds. I was taught to dry these pieces very slowly, so I've wrapped a finished piece in multiple layers of plastic, even putting plastic on the inside of a vase or bowl, and then leaving it
  5. I attended a glaze class last summer at Claymakers in Durham, NC, taught by Susan Filley, and it was incredible. Learned so much, as we went through the chemical make-up of glazes and implications (I've never had a chemistry class, but still got the gist of the instruction), how to use the raw materials, weighing, mixing, testing, and then glazing. Highly recommend this class if it's offered again. Susan teaches classes all over the country, so she may be teaching this particular subject somewhere other than in Durham. Best of luck in finding this class, and by my experience, it's well wort
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