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  1. They are high school students grades 9-12. This class is the second level art class, they need to pass intro to art to enroll. They have very basic knowledge of clay/ceramics from intro just like pinch method scoring slipping and wedging. I typically have them work on pinch, coil, slab, wheel throwing and decorating techniques with glazes. The sculpture projects I have them do plaster, cardboard, fused glass, wire and fiber. I will have around 50 or so kids for ceramics for the first semester. My district likes to not give us the budget until after school has started, yeah I know... So I just order what I need. So far I was thinking paper clay, modeling clay, a sewing kit for fiber, possibly reeds or weaving materials maaayyybeee 3-4 lbs of stone ware clay with tools. other sculpture materials and fabric I know they can find at home, like newspaper pottery and paper mache along with cardboard I just dont know how to handle the stoneware clay, would I have them keep recycling the clay for each project, or have them drop off their work to be fired? This I am still contemplating
  2. Hello, I am a public high school ceramic and sculpture teacher. We have been told remote learning may continue for next year so I wanted to create art packs for my classes for the students to take home this time, since now I have some time to prepare. What would you guys recommend to put in these art packs for kids to pick up and take home to create their art projects remotely?
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