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  1. Finally graduated up to being able to throw 5 lbs with ease! Feeling accomplished now that I'm breaking into to larger pieces, which has been on my to-do list forever. 

    1. Pres


      Good beginning, keep on throwing, expand your forms, and experiment with assembly.




  2. Thanks @Sorcery!! Piro will be my married name (currently engaged). Flows a lot better than McKeown and I probably won't have to tell people how to spell it as frequently. I'll check out that YouTube series. Thanks guys! Katie
  3. Wow you guys are AWESOME! I have right now commercially mixed PC Midnight Blue, Mayco's Sand & Sea, and Mayco's White Gloss. I use Cone 5/6 Stoneware. I have a cream colored, and buff speckled, and hopefully will soon experiment with some darker colored clays. I'm thinking to build up to: Clear: Odyssey Clear (Amazing Glaze, Kline) White: Odyssey White (Amazing Glaze, Kline) Red: Raspberry (Mastering Cone 6 Glazes) John's Straw Ash (Mid-Range Glazes) Blue: Variegated Slate Blue (Mid-Range Glazes) Green: Spermint (Amazing Glaze, Kline) Broken Celadon (Amazing Glaze, Kline) Funkies: Strontium Crystal Magic (Cool) (Mid-range Glazes)
  4. Thank you! You just listed many of the glazes I really like from that book. Not only did I read the whole first half, I have it outlined and highlighted! (Can you tell I'm a teacher?) I also purchased John Britt's Mid Range Glazes, as well as Amazing Glaze by Kline. Any others you'd recommend? You've been a great help! Thanks! Katie
  5. Hi Everyone! Longtime lurker. All the information you post has been SO HELPFUL to me as I start to get my fledgling pottery business off the ground. I'm looking to make the switch from commercial to homemade glazes in the near future and have some picked out that I'd like to replicate. Mostly from Mastering Cone 6 Glazes. I was wondering, for those of you that operate out of a home studio, how many homemade glazes do you keep on hand? Thanks! Katie Piro
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