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  1. Hello everyone Thank you very much for all your information and links. I started heavily researching all the clay suppliers here in NY and I think I have a good idea about prices and distance. Now, what I see the most is standard ceramics clay and I would like to use some of their products but a need a recommendation. My idea is to start doing pottery a little bit more siriusly and hopefully start a small business so I'm mainly looking to use to types of clay: a white one for marbled work maybe Bmix 5 from Laguna and also I want a buff stoneware just for general production such as mugs
  2. Hello Mark That price sounds reasonable to me but how do I get it ? There is I nice clay supplier in MN that I want to buy from but to ship 50# they charge almost $50 Best regards
  3. Hello guys, I'm really new to this forum so I don't know if this is the correct place for the question. I live if Long island New York and I'm having trouble finding a ceramic supply store near this area either that I can drive there and pick up clay or glazes or have them shipped to me at a reasonable price (I saw some suppliers that charge almost double the price of clay in shipping). Thank you for your help. Best regards
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