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  1. All this has helped. I have read the manual with the safety protocal which I will now save is a file to look at when needed. I will definetly keep the kiln inside and with precaution feel comfortable having the kiln in my second bedroom. All this is getting more exciting instead scary!!!
  2. Just a little bit about my background as a potter. I have been potting for over 10 years as a hobby and have gone to studios to do my work. I have stacked and used kilns before. Just one and the one I have is smaller but similar however it was in a huge pottery studion in a highschool with high ceilings, kiln vents and space. The window were always opened when it was running. I feel comfortable bisque firing however glaze firing I have always done workshops and I go and pay money to have them fired so this would be something I would have to take coursed for in the future. Right now I jus
  3. It is a Cress Electric Kiln model number: B-18-14 take up 240V of energy It has a metal stand and my floors are vinyl - I guess I need to buy some sort of metal protection for underneath the stand or ceramic tiles maybe from my research I have been doing?? I had an electrician come today and he is going to set up a plug that is energy compatible. It seems like that has been sorted quite easily. It is going be the same as a dryer plug outlet and my electrical outlet happens to be in my pottery studio (the second bedroom). I am nervous about the kiln distributing too mu
  4. I started looking at the kiln vent. It looks like it is a generic one you can buy. I do have a window would I be using the kiln vent out of that window? Thank you that answers my question about the deck.
  5. Hi, This is my first time visiting this forum let alone using a forum. I was hoping for some help in regards to how to set up my new pottery studio. I just bought myself a used electric kiln (Sitters Model K) and was wondering if it is safe for me to have it in my second bedroom where I have set up my wheel and everything else to work with clay. I am not sure how far it can be from the walls, if they may have fire proofed the walls some how, if it should be by a window and if anyone else has a home studio in one of their spare rooms (and what they have done). I live in Whistler so
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