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  1. Hey Ollie. Just completed the build. Turned out better than expected. Only issue is that I did end up using more amps than I previously thought to get it to temperature fast enough. I'll write the specs if ur curious. Thanks everyone else for the feedback and great ideas. Rpi controller rocks by the way :). @Sorcery holly cow. Glad to see you here dude. Haven't had time for The Nut in quite a while. The end product:
  2. @liambesaw i put two for redundancy. Of one fails in closed position the whole contraption will still be turned on/off by the second one avoiding an overfire or an unforseen basement barbeque . That was the thought process.
  3. Hello @neilestrick . Thanks for the reply. That's the issue. There are literally none second hand to be had in Romania. Two posts on the web at this time: 1000L and 850L for $7K and $5K. obviously out of scope. I've been looking every day on all the sales sites for the last five months. Nothing. Closest I can find second hand is in Austria or Germany, and that's a minimum 700 mile drive. About the brick cutting, haven't figured it out yet but I'll get to it. Baby steps. Concerning the work, well that doesn't frighten me one bit. I love manual labor and buying crap :). Kiln parts count
  4. Hello Liam. The 16Amps : Couple of reasons. First and foremost, modern contractors in Romania are cheap idiots. The ones that built the house I live in at least... I have a 3x2.5mm copper wire cable going from a 20A breaker (easy to replace) to my detached basement (completely disconnected from the house, next to it below ground level rather than under) . According to code, the cable is rated for 20A when enclosed, 32A in the open... So 20 in my case. Secondly, single phase wall sockets are all rated 16A in RO. If i hardwire I can go past 16 but with safety margins on the current
  5. @Stephen hello! Thanks for the reply. Aaaa... Wood fired. That would be awesome sometime in the next 10 years but I don't think I can commit to that right now. Electric... sure, gas... Maybe if i get the missus onboard. Wood is out of my league at the moment. I'm pretty new to pottery as it is and I feel that adding the complexities of woof firing to the mix a bit too much to chew. Concerning the IT business, oddly enough, if it's not really SAP administration related (my current field) I find it relaxing. Spent the last two days playing with an arduino and a K type thermocouple just fo
  6. Heyya @Hulk. Thanks for the answer. I would love a gas fired kiln. The concept scares me a bit, but would love one. Only issue there is with management (please read the Mrs ) . She agreed to an electric one but will probably divorce me if I make what she calls 'an improvised bomb' in the backyard. Except for that, she's pretty cool :)). Totally get the equipment buying. I do the same for all my hobbies and then milk them for all they're worth :). The 2cubic ft is probably the max size for which I could squeeze out sufficient Wattage from my electric system. I'm limited to 230V and
  7. Hello everyone, I've started dabbling in pottery about three years ago, making bonsai pots. This fits with another hobby of mine, you can guess which :). Point is, after firing my works with some acquaintances, I've decided that my own kiln is a must in order to really progress in the craft. The problem is that I my backwater location the chances of buying a second hand one are next to none, and I can't really justify spending almost $2500 for a new one. So I came up with the idea of actually building one from scratch. Yes, I know it's hard, yes, I know it can be dangerous but I'm t
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