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  1. Thanks for your response! I guess I typically fire both white and brown clay bodies together - I'll test with just a load of white clay to see what happens. And no, I've been firing this combination for the last two years and although I shouldn't say it never happens - it has rarely happened to the extent that it is now. Over the last two years, there has been a very small ring where the glaze meets the clay, and I'm ok with that. I'm just not ok with the large patches that are happening so frequently now. It is a new batch of clay, and over the last two years I've used two different batches
  2. Thanks for your reply! Right now it seems as if it happens anywhere in the kiln. One piece was close to the elements and the other piece was in the center of the kiln. I'm using commercial glazes - this is new albany brown (Amaco). Clay is mid-range oxidation from Continental. The burning effect happens on some and not (as much) on others. Can happen when other glazes are applied as well, which is why I wondered if it was an issue firing the raw clay body rather than a glaze issue.
  3. I've recently had problems with dark rings or patches on my clay body, just underneath the glaze application, in a cone 6 glaze fire. It looks as though my clay body actually burned. My witness cones look great - just as they should. I'm firing to 2232. It's happening with my mid fire white stoneware as well. I have a fairly new kiln, and this hasn't happened before. Could I be over firing even though my witness cones look good? My kiln is 2 years old and fired, on average, once a month. Do I need new elements already? Thanks for any advise!
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