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  1. I had a cup to break while firing (cone 6). Shards from the cup stuck to the inside of another piece. The shards are stuck to the inside bottom of an otherwise nice bowl. Is there anything to save the bowl?
  2. I have a beautiful glazed vase with a blown out base. Can a new base be added and the vase re-fired?
  3. I washed mine with Dawn (not scrubbed hard), and used beeswax to polish. I left them in a well ventalated garage, and the odor wore off in a couple of days .
  4. I ordered mica clay just to test my skills with forming clay bodies. I tried it with the wheel (I know it is not recommended), and it was difficult, even with slower speed. It is very moist clay, and I have seen videos of wheel-throwing with it. What is the advice with using this beautiful clay?
  5. At about midnight, I checked the temp. of the barrel-firing. It had exceeded 980 F and the flue was smoking strongly. This morning it was barely smoldering and I could see the pottery. I was disappointed about the heat and time compared to the first firing. I haven't been able to check the pottery but it didn't fire but for about 15 hours. Anyway, I am anxious to clean up the pottery and see what I have. Only two items were broken out of twelve. I am still learning and experimenting...
  6. I tried to send a photo, but it didn't work. I am a newly, also. I am learning and experimenting. I want to do variations with firing. My husband has another Idea to build something that will fire to at least cone 6. I am glad he will do this for me. I love the barrel-fired look, but it is not food safe. Good luck and the book we used to pattern--is so helpful.
  7. My husband built a barrel-fired kiln using sawdust, and today we did the second firing with it just to test temperature. We started at 4:30, and it is about 1/3 finished. It has reached 640 F. I will be hot for about 20 hours. I don't know how much hotter it will get. I'll check it throughout the night. It is built by a plan (Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques: Raku * Saggar * Pit * Barrel) exactly by the directions.
  8. So, am I to understand that low-fire clay (for example: Mica Red Low fire (018 to 04) will mature at low temp., alternative firing, and may be also food-safe? I am studying and reading about cones and types of clay, and this is a facinating field to explore. I appreciate the experience of those who respond to newbies such as myself.
  9. I only fired once with mid-fire clay (I looked at the package). I did add copper carbonate, which you made a good point about--one I had not realized about safety. I did not measure temp. for this first firing, but I will for the next. I am still using the mid-fire clay for throwing, and will follow the same directions as before. I don't know if the barrel fire will produce heat high enough, but I want to find out. You asked about the water test--I just added about 2 teaspoons of water to a bowl and it did not seep into the bowl. But, you explained that I may have fired to bisque. How can I
  10. I did not check the temperature since this was my first fire. I did use mid fire, which was wrong for a barrel fire, I guess. I have only been throwing for about six months. I know the barrel-fired products are not food-safe, as such. How will I know if the clay bacame ceramic?
  11. I am really a beginner at this, though my husband built a barrel-firing kiln (Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques: Raku * Saggar * Pit * Barrel) exactly by the directions. We used, again by the directions in the book, the kiln a few days ago and everything came out beautifully. It took 24 hours for us to retreive the items. I tested one of the bowls with water and it did not obsorb. My question is if there is anything that can be put on barrel-fired (low/mid-fire cone 6) pottery to be food-safe. I heard of liquid Quartz...BTW, I waxed the fired items with bees wax.
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