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  1. I am a high school art teacher struggling to come up with a hands on experience for my ceramics class. For the first few weeks I had them reading a scholastic art magazine about form and function. I feel terrible that they aren't getting to work with clay. I desperately want to get them back to being creative and thank you for all of your tips. I too was going to explore the salt dough clay, but I don't know if everyone will have access to flour. I am thinking of have two options based on materials available. I plan to ask about sending clay home, I did pack up supply bags for my drawing and painting class, so I am hoping to maybe get this going as well. I am super disappointed about the Great Pottery Throw Down. I have never seen it (I only had netflix until recently when I added youtube tv.) I wonder if there is a way we can get that resource back? Thank you and I will keep checking back to see what else everyone comes up with and hopefully to add some ideas for you all. Stay well.
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