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  1. I teach high school ceramics and have been engaged in remote learning for 3 weeks now in NY Hudson Valley. First, I started with the great pottery throw down... that however has been taken down due to copyright infringement policies and laws...:( so sad about this as my students loved it! So did I! Next lesson, I made believe they were designers and they were Commissioned to design a wash basin for Kohler inc... They had to submit 3 view points and other details about their piece. I got them drawing , designing and problem solving. The third assignment I based on Andy Goldsworthy. Not clay but they will get outside use their hands and build something. I also assigned them to find their favorite Goldsworthy post it, comment why they like it and then how could they incorporate the design into a ceramic piece? This willalso become a drawing for a future piece I hope! They also really seem to enjoy his work. That’s it so far... hope this helps...
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