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  1. Thank you. Great to have people who respond so quickly.
  2. Thank you That makes me more hopeful, but would it be normal to reach 04 on a medium dial setting? The previous kiln I managed in Cambridge, UK had a digital controller, I still used cones for more info but had to just leave it to do it's thing. also, that was a front opening kiln with no working peephole so I didn't get chance to learn much about heat colour or see the cones go down.
  3. Hi there I bought and old Cromartie CTL120 with kiln sitter control and three dials (each dial is numbered 1 - 6/max). I did a test bisque fire which seemed to go ok just rather fast a couple of weeks ago. I have just done a second fuller cone 04 bisque: Overnight candle with just the bottom element on at below 1. Turned all dials to 1 for 3.5 hrs Turned all dials to 3 for 3.5 hrs ... Kiln switched off at just over 7 hrs - I was about to turn to full. Kiln is currently still hot, the bottom cone pack looks to have reached cone 05, for some reason I cant see the top cone pack through the peep hole. No peephole for middle cone pack. So it seems likely that the kiln sitter worked correctly - I will update when I open the kiln tomorrow. What can cause this?
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