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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful advice -- I really do appreciate your sharing your experience and perspective! I feel so much enthusiasm for exploring clay -- it is sometimes hard to not fly off in all directions and want to try and explore everything at once. You've given me some good things to think about.
  2. I've fallen down the ceramics rabbit hole for the past four years. I've been working with cone 6 clay and glazes, and firing with my home studio electric kiln. I love shinos though and have been missing being able to fire anything in reduction. I have the opportunity to buy a small used gas kiln but I just can't decide if my love of shino is enough to justify the investment into another kiln (and getting the propane tank, permits, etc...) Besides being able to fire shino and oxblood glazes, why did those of you who moved from electric to gas choose to do so? Thanks so much for your thoughts!
  3. The retractable castors look perfect because yes, with hopefully decent weather, moving it will be a regular thing! Thank you both for your help! Jan
  4. I'd like to move my wheel between my studio and the driveway on a regular basis. I've looked at power tool mobile bases but they are all rectangular and I would think the width of the base would get in the way of my feet. I'm worried that just using locking casters would make the wheel slide when I'm working. Have any of you figured out a way to easily move the wheel while still keeping it stable when working (that hopefully doesn't require a lot of wood working skills and equipment which I don't have...) Thanks so much!
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